Frequently Asked Questions

Are there car parking spaces available?
Yes, most of the parking units are on the private premises of our house, with a few additional parking units approx. 40m from our property.

Is bedding provided?
Yes, all bedding is provided.

Are towels provided?
Yes, hand towels and bath towels are provided.

Are beach towels / pool towels provided?
No, we do not provide or offer pool towels. To use the pool chairs at the pool, you need a bath towel that is at least 1.80m long. We ask you not to use the bath towels from our apartments at the pool or beach, otherwise we are forced to charge you the cleaning.

Do I have to shower before entering the pool?
Yes, of course. We all feel well in a clean swimming pool and therefore, do not do to others what you do not want done to yourself.

Can I jump into the pool?
No jumping or diving into the pool or onto floating devices. It’s strictly forbidden because of the potential injuries and the peace of other guests.

I need to cancel my reservation. Can I be refunded?
Yes, three weeks (21 days) before your arrival you can cancel the reservation free of charge, after which you pay the full amount of the reservation. 50% upon booking, 50% 21 days before arrival! If you do not cancel your reservation and the second payment is missing, your reservation is automatically deleted!

How far away is the nearest beach?
Our property is 1.3 km away by car from the nearest beach (Ika). Walking (stairs) to the same beach – 0.7 km

Can I bring guests/friends to the pool/apartment?
No! Access to people who are not registered in the facility is prohibited.

Can I bring a person or child if he/she exceeds the maximum number allowed in that unit?
No. The maximum number of persons includes babies.

Is it allowed to do a party?
No. For the purposes of a good neighborhood between guests we ask you to keep the night rest from 23:00 to 07:00 o’clock.

Do I need to pay extra for air conditioning?
No, the use of the air conditioning is included in the price. Use the air conditioner only with closed windows and doors and at the time you are in the apartment. If you are at the pool or absent, you have to turn it off.

Is the exit cleaning included in the price?
Yes. The apartment cleaning is included in the price as long as there are no irregular soiling or damages. We have to charge you for these.

Is the tourist tax included in the price?
Yes, it’s included.

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